Your tax return - done for you! You enter your income and expenses then hit “produce” and your tax return is DONE!
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Why choose us?

If you are a taxi, private hire, courier, delivery driver or chauffeur, doing your accounts and tax returns is about to become a whole lot simpler. And save you a small fortune.

Using The Drivers Tax App, you just enter your income and expenses then hit “produce”, and your tax return is DONE!
Hit “submit” to send it to HMRC.

Really. It is that simple.

HMRC Making tax digital

The Drivers Tax App was created after discussions with taxi trade representatives and in preparation for HMRC’s new tax rules (Making Tax Digital).

This bookkeeping, accountancy, and tax filing web-app was designed and developed specifically for self-employed professional drivers.

Key features
What are the new HMRC rules?

Making Tax Digital is the name given to HMRC’s new tax rules.

These rules require drivers to submit four tax returns a year plus a crystallisation statement at the year-end.

We know the current fees charged by an accountant average £350 for 1 return and will be significantly higher for four tax returns. We also know (especially during the current pandemic) that drivers cannot afford these fees.

This new affordable and efficient solution calculates and completes your tax return for you and submits it to HMRC; allowing you to focus on work and forget about accounts.

The software was checked by HMRC before it could become “HMRC Recognised”.

You can now subscribe to the App by choosing either a monthly or annual pricing plan.

Our pricing
Did you know?

New legislation will require those self-employed who work within the “Hidden Economy” to provide their Local Authority with their HMRC “tax return submission receipt”.

If you can’t provide it your licence won’t be renewed!

The Drivers Tax App helps you to:

You will also be ready for Making Tax Digital.

Seamless across devices

The app has been carefully designed to work seamlessly on any device so you can use it on the go or at home - with a web app, you can just pick up where you left off, any time, anywhere!

One web app, many devices

Do you want to keep more of your hard earned cash?

Do you want to have more time to relax when you finish work?

Do you want less tax stress instead of increased tax stress?

Do you want to know your tax liability every month so you can budget better?

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What could be simpler?

Your bookkeeping, accounts and tax return will never get any easier, than with this Web-App!

Remember, you just enter income, enter expenses, then hit “produce” and your tax return is done.

You hit “submit” and it goes to HMRC, DONE!

What could be simpler?