Accountsability Limited, presents The Drivers Tax App.
A new online accountancy and tax filing App designed by Chartered Accountants specifically for SELF EMPLOYED professional drivers and 'Recognised by HMRC'.

Taxi, Private Hire, Chauffeur, Courier or Delivery drivers can now just enter their income & expenses and the tax return is compiled live by the App.

  • Complete your own tax return
  • See your current tax liability throughout the year.
  • Easily edit entries if you need to change anything.

At the end of the tax year, your Self-Assessment Return (SA100), (SA103s), (SA110) & (SA102 - if you were also employed during the year) are automatically completed and ready to submit to HMRC.

You only need to scroll to the bottom of the Tax Submission form and hit the 'Submit' button. That's it.

Enter Income - Enter Expenses - Hit Submit - DONE

  • No time off the road catching up with your books
  • No unnecessary meetings with your accountant
  • No big annual accountants bill
  • No HMRC late filing penalties
  • No nasty surprise tax bill
  • Snap & Store receipts

The Costs

£10.00 per month or if you prefer £100.00 (for the current year).

You will also be ready for HMRCs new 'Making Tax Digital' procedures (starting April 2020) when you'll be required to make four returns a year instead of only one!

How much will your accountant charge you for that?

The Drivers Tax App will not charge you any extra - GUARANTEED.

To submit online returns you must register with 'HMRC Online Services' ASAP, go to the HMRC links tab NOW.