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Will I still need an accountant

Last updated: 18 Aug 2021

You do not not require the assistance of an accountant to prepare your accounts or to submit your tax return. Many drivers already do their own tax returns through their Government Gateway account - although from next year they won't be able to do that any longer. Under the Making Tax Digital rules, all tax payers must use software to manage their accounts and file their returns.

The Drivers Tax App is a done-for-you solution.

Chartered Accountants designed the app.

It was submitted to HMRC for their review, to test and check it's accuracy before adding to their list of “commercial software suppliers”.

We were granted “HMRC Recognised” status.

You can find confirmation on the .GOV website, scroll down the list to "Drivers Tax App".

HMRC Recognized small

HMRC Recognised
The Drivers Tax App is recognised by HMRC and takes care of all your self-employed accounting and tax returns. 30 day free trial! View plans
30 day free trial
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