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When does Making Tax Digital start

Last updated: 01 Nov 2021

Following changes to the Finance Bill HMRC have just announced Making Tax Digital for Self Assessment has been pushed back until April 2024.

You will be required to submit a return every three months followed by a crystallisation statement before 31 January the following year.

The expected 2024 submission dates are:

  1. The first report will be due in June/July 2024
  2. The second report will be due in Sept/Oct 2024
  3. The third report will be due in Dec 2021/Jan 2025
  4. Your Self Assessment tax return for 2023/24 will also be due by 31 January 2025.
  5. The fourth report will be due in March/April 2025
  6. Fifth and final year-end report deadline, probably January 2026 in the first year.

Don’t worry about these changes.

We designed this app to take away the pain of Making Tax Digital.

You just need to enter your income and expenses regularly; the app will send you alerts reminding you as each deadline arrives.

You just have to hit the "SUBMIT to HMRC" button to file each return.

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