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SEISS - how do I record this grant

Last updated: 28 Oct 2021

SEISS grants are subject to income tax and national insurance as they are income.

However, they must not be entered as an income in the usual income entry field.

You enter the total you received from SEISS grants in the same tax year you received the payment into your bank account.

Here is the correct place to enter SEISS grants:-

Go to the "Tax Return" tab.

Select the "Tax Period".

Click the "Proceed" button.

Click in the "Basic details" field (top of the page).

Scroll down and click "Benefits".

Answer the question - "Did you receive any SEISS grants during the year?".

Enter the TOTAL figure you received.

Click NEXT to save the entry.

NOTE: If you do not enter the grant as noted above, the relevent box on your tax return form will not populate. HMRC will add the SEISS grants you received into the empty field and calculate your tax. If you have entered the SEISS grants under income they will be double counted resulting in a much higher tax calculation.

Q: Have you already submitted your tax return with SEISS grants entered as an income?

YES: Contact HMRC and request them to recalculate your tax after deducting the SEISS amount from your declared income.

NO: Delete the SEISS grants already entered as Income then follow the steps above.

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