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Last updated: 24 Dec 2020

How the referral scheme works

Our goal with the DTA-P software is to reduce monthly subscription costs (Down To A Pound).

You could help us to achieve that goal, then everyone wins!

Every time someone uses your unique referral code to subscribe, you receive a £20 bonus.

So we don't pay out more than we take in (a recipe for disaster), we pay out the referral bonuses to you once we've received £30 from a new subscriber.

Remember, new subscribers, get a 30 day money-back trial period.


Someone submits their tax return - pays out immediately.

Subscribes Yearly - pays out after 30 days.

Subscribes monthly Premium Plan - pays out after 60 days.

Subscribes monthly Pro Plan - pays out after 90 days. (our most popular plan)

Subscribes monthly Basic Plan - pays out after 120 days.

You can see the current status of anyone who used your Referral Code under the Refer a Friend tab. You can also see when they subscribed, so you will know when your bonus is due to you.

It's all tracked automatically from your unique referral code.

HMRC Recognised
The Drivers Tax App is recognised by HMRC and takes care of all your self-employed accounting and tax returns. 30 day free trial! View plans
30 day money back guarantee
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