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Introduction to reports

Last updated: 26 Jun 2020

In the "Reporting" page, you can view live charts to see how you're doing in the current years and compare against previous years performances.

Reports are generated from the income and expenses data you have entered; they won't appear until you have at least 1 months' worth of entries.

Total tax liability

Shows your current tax and NI liabilities - you can select previous years from the dropdown menu beside it.

Income totals per month (accumulating)

Click on any month along the line to see your total earnings to the end of that month.


Income sources per month

If you have additional income sources, these are shown in this chart beside your own. Example: Income from renting a vehicle or from another self-employed source. You can select charts from a previous year from the dropdown menu above the chart.

Reports Income Sources - Per Month-Desktop

Expense totals per month (accumulating)

Click on any month along the line to see your total expenses to the end of that month. It works the same as the income line chart at the top of this page.

Expense categories per year

This graph shows your expenses broken down per category. Click on the chart or expense item to see totals of what you're spending your money on!

Reports Expense Categories - Per Year-Desktop

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