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Discounts & Benefits

Last updated: 26 Jun 2020

Our focus is to increase your profit - in everything we do.

We will always add extra value to our users and exceed your expectations.

We have arranged several discounts, benefits and offers for you, all from recognised national trade suppliers.

You can save money on things like Fuel, Tyres, New Vehicles, Replacement Vehicles (following an accident), legal assistance etc.

These savings are worth much more than your subscription costs.

When you save money by reducing your costs, it increases your profit. That may be an obvious statement to many drivers, but some don’t quite understand that fact.

There are only two ways to increase your profit:-

Increase your income – requires you to work longer and pay for extra fuel, parking, tolls etc. so let’s say you get 80% of the extra income you earn.


Reduce your costs – which costs you nothing, so you get 100% of the saving without working extra hours.

There is no need to claim these discounts through The Drivers Tax App, just click on the suppliers image and request them directly from the supplier.

Is it ok if we over-deliver?

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