Frequently Asked Questions

We've worked hard to make this APP really easy to use and provided all the information you'll need to always submit your tax return on time. But maybe something is still unclear. Have a look at the questions we've been asked before and you may find the answer.

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If you became self employed between 6th April 2019 and 5th April 2020 you will have to submit your first return by 31st January 2021.

You should also register as being self-employed with HMRC before 5 October 2020, you could be fined if you don't.

You must "Sign up" to get access to that area - (green button).

__There are 3 simple steps: __

  1. Register for self-assessment with the HMRC then complete the form. Sign a printed copy (sent to your email address) then post it to HMRC. The address is on the form.
  2. Your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) and activation code will arrive via post within 8 weeks. Activate your registration with HMRC within 28 days after receiving the code. If you miss the activation date you will need to submit another form as step 1.
  3. Go to HMRC Online services. Click Services you can add in the menu on the left, then enrol for Self-Assessment.

Drivers Discounts are only available to subscribers.

To become a subscriber you need to "sign up".

After you have signed up you'll see the list of Discounts, Benefits and Offers on things like tyres, fuel, vehicles, legal and insurance claims. All from national trade suppliers.

  1. Register with our service.
  2. Go to your Dashboard.
  3. Enter your total income for the year as one Income entry under green Income button.
  4. Enter your total expenses for the year as one entry under red Expenses button.
  5. Answer all the questions under 'My Account' and SAVE.
  6. Go to Tax Submissions tab - enter your Government Gateway details and select SUBMIT.
  7. Pay the submission fee that appears.
  8. Go to Reports tab to see how much tax and NI contributions you will have to pay.
  9. Go back to Tax Submission tab, scroll to the bottom of form then select SUBMIT.

That's it, all done in about 10 minutes. N.B. You must keep all your receipts and statements though, in case you are ever required to provide them to HMRC.

You can start using the app at anytime during the year; it's best practice to start as soon as you can. Then keep your records up to date by entering every day or weekly if you get a statement from your company/circuit/operator.

YES. The app calculates your tax, completes your tax submission and allows your tax return to be submitted to HMRC at the end of the financial year.

Once you are happy you have entered all your income and expenses then go to the Tax Submission tab from the navigation tower on the left side of the page. Scroll to the bottom of the Tax Submission form and hit the 'Submit' button. YOU WILL NOT NEED ANOTHER ACCOUNTANT TO SUBMIT YOUR TAX RETURN, you have just submitted it yourself!